Collins Kelvin Francis

"Building Minds and Making Dreams Reality"

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Collin K. Francis  is an international acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Trainer. He was born in Grenada  and now lives in New York.  He has created Life Circle Community (LCC), the perfect Online Network for people who are looking for support to achieve their fullest potential. The focus of LCC  will be to help and develop the following aspect of your life:
  • Personal
  • Financial
  • Professional 
We will achieve this using various m not methods including but limited to:
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Online and Offline personal development trainings
  • Professional trainings and online resources 
  • conventions
  • Retreats

Because we cherish face to face networking our membership will be invited to attended various onsite programs with a sole intend to bring great minds together.You can register as a group or as an individual.


Why be part of our team?
Using a series of offline and online training programs we help persons build their dreams by providing the relevant support to inspiring leaders. We have teamed up with a number of organizations to help our members succeed.
No matter what ideas you have in mind or already create we can help you succeed. We have build our reputation on helping persons find jobs now we help persons dream dreams and make them realities. We do not have to feel alone, if you looking for community of positive then you have found it. 
Our aim is to unleash the infinite power in us. We shall create a community of positive people who will reshape the world with their powerful minds.
Join Life Circle Community for Free and be part of global group for change.



             Services and Programs:

                 Personal Coaching

No matter what hardships you are going through in your life, Collin has transform thousands of lives and can help you as well in a personal way.  Get a free phone consultation to decide if you are ready to claim your power and live from your infinite source of power. As a Re-Evaluation Counselor, Nero Linguistic Programmer and Hypnotherapist. You can have Collin as your personal life coach.



  • Student coaching
  • Marriage Issues
  • Manage your reputation
  • Financial Issues
  • Personal Hardship and stress..

                         Motivational Speaker

 Collin has spoken to thousands of persons across the world and is known to have some exciting and uplifting speaking sessions. For all your speaking needs whether community or corporate, Collin can help you.


  • Business Meetings
  • Conventions
  • Schools
  • Groups
  • Colleges

                     Professional Trainer

With scores of training manuals customized for personal and professional development sessions, Collin can certainly train you or your staff, be it front line , supervisory workers  or personal training. Collin will assess your staff needs and customized the training that best suits. The list of training is listed below: 

  • Job Ready
  • Customer Service
  • Front Office Manager
  • Professional Sales
  • Professionalism in the Work Place
  • Effective Leadership
  • How to Start a Business?
  • Anger and Stress Management
  • Teacher and PTA Training

















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